1. What is DOLC?

Days of Law Career 2018 (DOLC 2018) is one of Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Faculy of Law Universitas Indonesia’s (BEM FHUI), Department of Career Development’s annual event that focuses on providing facilities for students and alumni mainly those who are majored in law and directly connect them to variant job providers.

2. Why should job seekers attend DOLC 2018?

DOLC 2018 is one of the biggest and well-known annual event for job seekers and reputable job providers to connect directly at this event.

3. When will it be held?

DOLC 2018 will be held on February 23rd 2018.

4. Where will it be held?

Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, Depok (available on Google Maps/Waze)

5. Who can participate DOLC 2018?

- The career fair and IELTS Projection Test are open for public
- Workshop is open only for students and alumni of FHUI
- Talkshow: Visit here for more info

6. What should be prepared for this event?

Several copies of your CV and cover letter are highly recommended to be brought along during DOLC 2018. We also encourage you to dress properly.

7. What are the registration procedures?

- Registration for talkshow and IELTS Projection Test could be made on DOLC’s official website
- Registration for workshop could be made through DOLC’s official website (only for FHUI family)
- Registration for career fair is not needed

8. Which events will not accept all of the registrants and what are the qualifications to be accepted as DOLC’s participant?

Workshop, IELTS Projection Test, and Talkshow have a quota that we will soon announce, and unfortunately we have to cut some of the registrants if we are over limit. All registrants are being evaluate thoroughly based on the criterias that are needed.

9. Does DOLC 2018 charge fees?

Aside from the IELTS Projection Test, DOLC 2018 will not charge anything.

10. How to contact DOLC 2018’s representative?

And don’t forget to stay updated through our Instagram (@)dolcfhui